Breville Nespresso Creatista Pro vs Plus: Which Is Best For You?

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Breville Nespresso Creatista Pro vs Plus

This is the comparison of two premium pod machines, Breville Nespresso Creatista Pro vs Plus.

See, the Creatista Pro & Plus is an expensive option when compared to its other Nespresso siblings, as it makes great espresso and espresso-based beverages.

With several differences, Creatista Pro additionally offers 1 – 2 great features, whereas Creatista Plus is the more budget-friendly option with its own advantages.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at both the Creatista models.

Breville Nespresso Creatista Pro vs Plus – At a Glance

In short, Creatista Plus is the machine you should go for as it is a more value-for-money product when we have compared both machines.

Creatista Pro is a more advanced version of the Plus machine and is great for Americano lovers and for someone who loves to customize their drinks to the maximum extent. 

Although this is a short answer that may fit for broader individuals, we have an in-depth review below so you can choose the perfect machine for yourself.

Breville Nespresso Creatista Pro vs Plus – Detailed Comparison

In this comparison of the Creatista Plus and Pro, I discuss my experience with each machine and my suggestions on which you should make the purchase.

Design & Build

The left-hand side of the machine looks exactly the same with having a steam wand. But the other half is different, as the Creatista Pro has a hump over the coffee spout, whereas the Plus runs flat.

Also, the Creatista Pro is taller, longer, heavier, slightly wider and has a large drip tray than the Creatista Plus. You can check out the dimensions of both machines below;

Creatista ProCreatista Plus
Dimensions (WxDxH)7.8″ x 16.9″ x 12.96.7″ x 15.5″ x 12.1
Weight18.3 lbs11.4 lbs

So, if you are planning to place your machine under a shelf or in a tight space, you should definitely look at this factor. 

Also, keep in mind that both machines have a lever that you pull to put and dispose capsules which further requires additional upward space.

Furthermore, the Creatista Pro has a large water tank that can hold up to 2000 ml of water, whereas the Plus capacity is only 1500 ml of water. 

However, this isn’t a deal breaker as you have to change the water every day (recommended by Breville) and there’s only a 0.5-liter gap that you can refill when it gets empty in a day.

From the backside, the Creastista Pro is flat and the Plus is round-shaped – basically, it’s the water tank that is made from high-quality plastic.

Also, Creatista Pro has a large capsule container that holds 16-18 capsules and Creatista Plus has a smaller capsule container that holds 14-16 capsules. 

According to Breville, brushed stainless steel is the material used to make the machine which is very durable, but you will find some plastic parts on the front of the machine, like in the capsule container.

Both have an espresso cup drawer which is a cup holder for smaller-sized drinks because the espresso is dispensed from a significant height, it gives the accuracy of falling coffee into the cup.

Also, if you don’t like the steel color then you have only one option left which is Creatista Plus as it offers 4 color options and Sea Salt is my favorite.

Display & Controls

Nespresso Creatista pro vs plus

Both the Creatista Pro and Plus have an excellent TFT display and their user interface is also clean to navigate.

But here the difference comes, the Pro machine has a touchscreen display and you can easily scroll with your fingers to choose your favorite option.

On the other hand, Creatista Plus has a comparatively smaller non-touchscreen display with a nozzle having a button to control the machine.

One thing I personally didn’t like about the Creatista Plus display is that when you brew too much coffee for different persons at a time or your favorite drink is supposed at the 7th spot. 

And you have to further customize it, then this nozzle display becomes irritating because you have to rotate it again and again.

Beverages & Customization

The Creatista Pro offers 9 beverage options and Plus offers 8 options. Pro offers an extra drink option that is Americano (provided in Breville machine) or Long Black (provided in Sage model).

BeveragesCreatista ProCreatista Plus
Americano or Long Black
Flat White
Caffe Latte
Latte Macchiato
Milk Only

Both the machines have 19 bar pump pressure which is very high as compared to other espresso machines, which generally need 7-11 bar pressure.

More pump pressure is required to extract rich crema and flavors from the coffee capsules, which is a bit complex process and different from the portafilter.

Also, in terms of taste, both machines are capable of brewing excellent coffee if you are brewing at default settings.

But if you personalize your drink, then the Creatista Pro leads with a slight margin against the Plus. You can check out the chart below;

Creatista ProCreatista Plus
Coffee Volume7 Levels5 Levels
Milk Temperature11 Levels11 Levels
Milk Froth8 Levels4 Levels

Also, Creatista Pro has 7 customizable water volume levels as it offers drinks like Long Black and Americano.

In terms of customization, the Creatista Pro is ahead of the Plus as it offers to customize your drink and set it up for future use.

And the best part is you are not restricted to only 1 or 2 drink customization; literally, you can customize for multiple drinks – in fact, I have yet to reach the maximum.

Double Thermal Jet System

A Double Thermal Jet System is a feature that only Creatista Pro offers where you can make espresso and froth milk at the same time for any milk-based beverages; basically, it has dual boilers.

So, if you are in a hurry to go to the office or have to make so many milk beverages for the guests, then the waiting time will be very less.

Important Note Double Thermal Jet System doesn’t work in the countries using 120V power outlets. The minimum requirement for running this feature is 220V.

So, if you are living in North America and you buy the Pro model, then you can’t be able to use this feature. But, countries like in European Union and the UK or Australia can enjoy its full potential.

However, according to me, Creatista Plus isn’t out of the league without this feature because both the machine’s heating time is very fast, which is 3 seconds, so you can brew and froth milk separately without much delay.

Water Dispenser

If you take hot water from your machine for tea or anything, then there is a piece of good news from the Creatista Pro.

There is a separate water drop icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen for taking hot water in the Pro model.

As it has two separate paths for coffee and water connected under one spout; so, when you take the water, you’ll not end up getting any coffee residue.

Also, this is a great feature for brewing drinks like Americano & Long Black as it gives more control to the machine to make your drink precise.

And if you prefer to preheat your cup or machine before brewing for the perfect temperature and flavors, the Creatista Pro ticks the checkpoint here too.

However, You can either make these drinks in the Plus model too, but you have to make coffee separately and then lift the lever to dispose the capsule. 

Then choose the Lungo option without putting any capsule to dispense water according to your preference and press the stop when you are done.

But it’s a trickier job to maintain the coffee-to-water ratio to balance out the perfect flavor from a Nespresso machine.

Common Things to Know

1. Both Creatista Plus and Creatsta Pro are made by Breville (all over the world) and Sage (only for the UK)  – one of the most reliable coffee maker brands.

2. Either it is daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, steam wand cleaning or descaling, both machines have the same cleaning and maintenance process.

3. Both machines have an automatic steam wand that froths creamy and dense microfoam which gives convenience in making latte art and the air mouthfeel is also amazing.

For frothing perfection, you’ll be provided a milk jug inside the box where there is minimum and maximum mark to put the milk accordingly.

Creatista Pro – Quick Rundown

Creatista Pro Specifications:

  • OriginalLine Nespresso Machine
  • Touchscreen display
  • Automatic steam wand with Auto-Purge
  • 68 oz / 2L Water Tank
  • ThermoJet™ heating system
  • 9 drinks options
  • Dual boilers


Brews Americano or Long Black – depends on the region

Touchscreen display

Customize & save drinks


Dual Boilers don’t work in 120V outlet

Creatista Plus – Quick Rundown

Creatista Plus Specifications:

  • OriginalLine Nespresso Machine
  • Digital color display screen
  • Automatic steam wand with Auto-Purge
  • ThermoJet™ heating element
  • 50 oz / 1.5L Water Tank
  • 8 beverages options
  • Single boiler


Makes great milk froth


Lightweight & relatively smaller machine


One channel for coffee & water

Final Thoughts

After taking into account all the differences and price points, Creastista Plus is the best overall machine you should look for.

Also, if you love to drink your coffee black and occasionally make milk-based beverages or are tight on space, then Creatista Plus will easily fulfill your needs.

But if you brew more milk-based beverages and are always short on time, then definitely Creatista Pro will be the right pick – but for a minimum of 220V supporting countries.

However, both Nespresso machines deliver great taste; So, whether you choose Pro or Plus, you will not regret it at the end of the day – but keep in mind extra feature comes at a higher price.

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