How to Make Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee)

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How to Make Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee)

You’re about to learn how to make whipped coffee and its variations at home.

After it became a global sensation in 2020, I brewed this coffee almost every month and also tried its different variations to test out how it tasted.

However, this drink spread from South Korea to all over the world but is not the founding country. Indians and Chinese both been making this drink for years, and it is hard to tell who finds it. [1] [2]

So, without going into further discussion, let’s dive deep into the recipe.

What is Dalgona Coffee and Why is it so Popular?

Whipped coffee which is also known as Dalgona coffee, is a mixture of coffee, sugar, and water.

Where we whisk these three ingredients together for a few minutes to make it frothy, and which we serve by pouring it over milk.

Why is it so popular? The first global appearance of this coffee was in a Korean TV show called Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant, where a man named Il-Woo ordered this drink in a restaurant in Macau, China.

He tasted it and said, “the taste is like melted burnt sugar candy.” Dalgona is a Korean sugar candy, and this coffee tastes quite similar to this candy, hence the name Dalgona Coffee.

This drink became popular on Tik-Tok, but before going viral worldwide, it first became famous on Korean social media, where people were trying to make this recipe for themselves.


  • Instant coffee
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Cinnamon Powder – Optional
  • Milk of your choice
  • Wisk or hand mixer or frother
  • Ice cubes
  • Kitchen weighing scale

How to Make Whipped Coffee at Home

This guide will show you how to make it perfectly with just simple steps, from using the ingredients to making the final, fluffy coffee.

Step 1: Measuring

Take a kitchen weighing scale, put the mixing bowl over it, and press the tare button to zero.

Before adding anything, you must know in what proportion you will add the ingredients.

We’ll follow the 1:1:1 ratio of coffee, sugar, and water, so I am adding 10 grams of coffee, sugar, and water.

I prefer hot water, but that doesn’t mean cold water doesn’t do the job. Hot water dissolves the ingredients quickly and helps in whipping up faster.

I do not measure in tablespoons because it doesn’t justify the equal brewing proportion. You can find yourself that, one tbsp of sugar isn’t equal to a tbsp of water.

Step 2: Whipping

Get it off the weighing scale and start whipping; you can use a whisk, hand mixer, or frother, depending on availability.

And whip till the texture becomes aerated, fluffy, and light in color, like caramel.

But keep in mind; a whisk takes longer to get the result while a hand mixer or frother can get the result in half the time.

After whipping, you can see the coffee is spread throughout the bowl, and it looks like a mess. To make serving easier, take a tablespoon and gather all the coffee in one side of a bowl.

Step 3: Serving

For serving, we use a 75-25 ratio which means 75% of milk and 25% whipped coffee.

Take a glass and pour the milk of your choice; it can be either whole or plant-based, like coconut, oat, or almond.

Either you can use hot or cold milk; it depends on your choice of drinking.

Pour the whipped coffee over the milk; it’ll float on the milk because of its texture. Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon powder over it as a topping.

Your dalgona coffee is ready. 

Before drinking, mix it well with a spoon or straw. Enjoy!

Also, you need to know your dalgona coffee is high in caffeine; a serving size of 8 fl. oz. consists of 105mg of caffeine. If this amount is too much, try instant decaf coffee.

Whipped Coffee Variations

1. Chocolate Whipped Coffee: It’s a simple variation requiring an additional ingredient: cocoa powder.

After whipping the coffee, add 1 tbsp of cocoa powder and mix it well; the remaining process will be the same.

You can skip cinnamon powder in this; however, chocolate chips can be used as a topping to give the coffee some extra flavor.

2. Honey Vanilla Dalgona: If you don’t want sugar in your dalgona coffee, you should try this recipe once.

Replace sugar with the honey in the same amount, and make sure to maintain the ratio. Whip it the same way as we discussed above.

While serving, add 5-7 grams of vanilla in milk or ½ tbsp, add ice cubes, and pour whipped coffee. Enjoy!

3. Keto Dalgona Coffee: If you are overweight and following the keto diet but can’t give up on your coffee, then check out this tip.

The recipe will remain the same but with a few ingredient changes.

Instead of sugar, we use monk fruit, and you can also use erythritol or swerve. Alternatively, for milk, choose plant-based, unsweetened milk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my dalgona not working?

The key to dalgona is its mixture; it’s not working because you don’t froth sufficiently enough; here, patience is rewarded.

Always try to whip in a mixing bowl or something similar, don’t whip in a glass or cup.

While beating, we are introducing our coffee with air; if there is less space, the air doesn’t properly get into the mixture leading to a slow or inappropriate mixture.

Can I make whipped coffee without the sugar?

Yes, you can skip the sugar proportion but keep in mind that the mixture will not be fluffy enough and also don’t stay fluffier longer.

What kind of sugar is best for whipped coffee?

At the simplest, use granulated sugar; however, castor sugar or brown sugar can be used to sweeten your coffee.

Remember, the finer your sugar, the less time it will take to dissolve in the mixture and fasten the frothing process.

Can I use regular ground coffee?

Yes, you can use regular ground coffee, although we still recommend using instant coffee.

Because ground coffee can affect the taste as we don’t know what roast you are going to use or whether it’s arabica or robusta beans.

And according to your preferences, you must change the ideal brewing ratio of coffee, sugar, and water. So, better to stick with instant coffee.

How to store dalgona coffee?

Don’t have enough time to make dalgona coffee every day? You can batch-brew the mixture and place it in an air-tight container; it’ll last up to a week.

What to do Next?

You’ve learned how to brew whipped (dalgona) coffee, now it’s your time to brew yourself a flavorful glass.

If you want more recipes that don’t need any special coffee equipment just like dalgona coffee, check out our article on How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker.

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