Dutch Bros Cup Sizes: Simple Guide to Picking the Ideal Drink Size

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Dutch Bros offers four cup sizes – Kids, Small, Medium, and Large, and each is designed to hold different drink volumes.

Its cup sizes also vary on whether you are choosing hot or cold drinks, which means, there are two different cup sizes for small, medium and large.

In this article on Dutch Bros Cup Sizes, it’s not only about what’s big or small – it’s also about finding what suits you best. 

So, if you’re curious about picking the right cup size and want to know cup sizes in even more detail without any extra fuss, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in.

Understanding Dutch Bros Cup Sizes


As you know, there are four different standard cup sizes and in this section, we’re going to discuss how much coffee you get in each size and when to get it.

But before, let’s get a quick overview;

Kids: 10 oz. (295 ml)

Small: Hot Cup Size – 12 oz (354 ml) & Iced Cup Size – 16 oz (473 ml)

Medium: Hot Cup Size – 16 oz (473 ml) & Iced Cup Size – 24 oz (709 ml)

Large: Hot Cup Size – 20 oz (591 ml) & Iced Cup Size – 32 oz (946 ml)

Kids Cup Size

Planning to take your kids to Dutch Bros for a treat but also concerned about their health?

Well, Dutch Bros’ knows this and their target market is your kids too, as they have a few great drink offerings for your little ones as well! 

Some of the popular drinks that your kids may like are Smoothie and Not-so-Hot, which comes in a cup size of 10 ounces and the pricing is between $1.50 – $2.25.

And this kid’s cup also looks like it is made by a kid because the design in it is made with crayons, although it is printed.

Small Cup Size

Dutch Bros small cup size is ideal for the morning cup of coffee or when a mild caffeine kick is all you need.

It comes in two cup sizes, if you opt for hot drinks – you’ll be served in a 12-ounce cup and if you go for iced or blended drinksyour drink will come in a slightly larger 16-ounce cup.

The average pricing of a small cup size is around $2.35 and if we break it down further, Hot drinks come in at $3.00, while Cold & Blended drinks (Freeze and Frost) are priced a bit higher at $3.50. 

On the more budget-friendly side, we have Tea & Soda at $1.75, Cocoa at $2.00, and Americano at $1.50.

Medium Cup Size

Medium cup size is my favorite and the best thing is – it’s not too much, not too little, and gives you an extra boost to keep you cruising through your day.

Its two cup sizes for hot and cold drinks are:

16-ounce – hot drinks

24-ounce – cold or blended drinks

Not only it is a perfect fit for your cravings but it is also the most value-for-money cup size when comparing price to volume ratio. 

Let me show you the prices – Hot drinks are at $4.50, Cold & Blended drinks (Freeze and Frost) at $6.50, Tea & Soda at $2.25, Cocoa at $2.50 and the most budget-friendly medium one is the Americano, coming in at just $2.00.

Large Cup Size

Choose a large cup size when you need sustained energy to stay alert over an extended period or when you want to enjoy your drink with every sip.

Coming to the main part – Dutch Bros serves up hot drinks in a 20-ounce cup, while its cold or blended drinks come in a 32-ounce.

You can grab their large size Hot drinks at $4.50, Cold & Blended drinks (Freeze and Frost) are a bit more at $6.50, and for the rest, i.e. Tea, Soda, Cocoa, & Americano, the large size offers it all at $3.00.

Why do Dutch Bros Iced Drinks have a Larger Cup Size than Hot Drinks?

Image Credit – Dutch Bros Facebook Handle

Wondering why Dutch Bros offers larger cup sizes for iced & blended drinks? Isn’t it unfair to hot coffee drinkers?

The answer is no, Dutch Bros don’t do partiality with hot coffee drinkers. In fact, there is the same amount of beverage in both hot and chilled drinks of the same cup size.

So, why are large cup sizes used? Well, it is for ice, and getting a larger cup is actually in your favor because it ensures you get a satisfying quantity of the beverage.

One more point – cold beverages often involve more add-ons such as sweeteners, flavorings, or cold foam, and having a larger cup size provides a necessary space to balance these components.

Selecting the Right Dutch Bros Cup Size

Here we’re up to discuss factors to consider before choosing Dutch Bros cup sizes. Knowing these may help you pick the right size to make your coffee moment perfect every time.

Health Conscious Choices

Before choosing the cup size for your favorite drink, don’t forget that it has two major implications for your health: caffeine and calories.

The bigger the cup size you choose, the more caffeine you’re going to consume (But first check daily intake recommended levels).

Here are the caffeine content of Dutch Bros espresso shots (1 oz), Single shot = 46.75 mg, double shot = 93.50 mg, triple shot = 140.25 mg. 

I giving caffeine data for espresso only because it is widely used in many drinks. So, if you want to control your caffeine intake, choose the cup size accordingly.

And if you are counting calories or want to shed weight, don’t choose large cup sizes, and also don’t request the barista to add something to your drink that has high calories.

Mood Matching

I think your state of mind is one of the most important and widely applied factors in choosing different cup sizes of Dutch Bros drinks. 

Like, someday you are in a hurry and want to finish quickly or require a swift caffeine boost then a small size can satisfy your wants.

The medium cup size is for those days when you’re not in a super rush, but also no time for settling in like walking to college or metro stations.

And grab a large size when you want extended enjoyment, maybe you are traveling, sharing moments – catching up with friends or family, or simply relishing a moment for yourself.

Budget Considerations

When you’re deciding which coffee cup size to choose, make sure your wallet stays as happy as your taste buds.

Smaller cup sizes might be more budget-friendly options, while larger sizes often offer better value in terms of price per ounce.

Parent-Approved Choices (For Kids Size)

At Dutch Bros, kid’s cup size is designed in a way that parents can feel confident in choosing them.

Because at a store like Dutch Bros, your kids may insist on drinking caffeinated drinks just because they see you, and it wouldn’t be good for them to have caffeine if they’re under 12.

That’s where the kid’s size comes into play as it’s tailored to your child’s needs, i.e. without excessive caffeine or sugar content.

Are there Different Cup Sizes for Dutch Bros Secret Menu?

Image Credit – Dutch Bros Facebook Handle

See, the Dutch Bros secret menu is not official and also not standardized, it’s basically a drink that you customize according to your preferences. 

When ordering the secret menu, you can add or subtract whatever you want, but among the options available at Dutch Bros, you cannot ask the barista to add something that the company never listed.

They have everything planned, and there is no secret reserved cup for this, your secret menu neatly fits into their three-cup sizes.

The Bottom Line

Dutch Bros offers a range of cup sizes to meet the different preferences of its customers. Whether you want a quick sip or a longer coffee moment, they’ve got Small to Large sizes.

By understanding the options available, you can elevate your coffee experience but remember that the right size is all about what fits your taste and moment. 

So, the next time you visit Dutch Bros or just try it out the first time and armed with this knowledge, make a choice that fits your vibe.

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