Keurig Models Old to New: All Machines In The List

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Keurig Models Old to New

This is our listicle of the Keurig Models Old to New, where we’ve covered everything in as much detail as possible.

Keurig launched its first coffee maker in 1998 and since then, they have launched several machines for home and commercial purposes.

And the more you look at Keurig models old to new, you’ll find the technological advancement and effective & efficient brewing.

But one thing I must say is that Keurig takes care of every customer, especially in terms of price point, as they have launched many machines by adding or subtracting only one or two features. So you don’t have to pay for features you don’t require. 

You’ll learn more about this when you walk through our article. Let’s get started.

Keurig Models Old to New, According to Launch Date

We are going to only cover those models which Keurig is still retailing either from their website, in offline markets or from e-commerce platforms.

Keurig K155 OfficePRO Premier Brewing System

Launch Date: May 2012

The K155 OfficePRO is the oldest Keurig model still selling, and the company has kept it going after 11 years because the machine still offers value in its segment.

Keurig has launched this machine under its commercial line and it is excellent for commercial places or offices with 15-20 staff, but it can also satisfy your home needs.

It comes with a 90 oz. water reservoir (Keurig with Largest Reservoir) that can easily brew 10-20 K cups, according to serving size.

This machine also lets you customize your drink temperatures as it has 11 temperature settings from 188 to 198 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only this, you can even choose your preferred language between English, Spanish and French.

It has an auto on/off feature; with this, your machine will automatically turn on, pre-heat and ready to brew and automatically shut down after two hours of last use, which saves some electricity.

Currently, this is only a fully touch screen machine from Keurig, which shows you various information like water level and gives you the option to choose cup sizes. Let me tell you that it has 4 cup sizes; 4oz., 6oz., 8oz. or 10oz.

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Launch Date: December 2015

The Keurig K Classic coffee maker is one of the most popular models, which brews K cups in under a minute.

To operate this machine, you have 5 indicators for water fill, descale, heating, auto off/on and power on; also, you have 5 buttons to act accordingly.

This machine has three serving sizes; 6oz., 8oz., and 10oz. Also, It has a 48oz. water reservoir, which is not very large but can easily brew you 4-6 cups. So, if you are two people in the house having 2 coffees a day, then you need to refill it every day.

It also lacks some essential customization features like temperature control but does reach brew temperatures around 175-180 degrees Fahrenheit, which is lower than standard brewing temperatures.

Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker

Launch Date: September 2017

Before the launch of this model, many Keurig users used to complain about the weak and watery brew, but Keurig addressed this and with this model, they have launched a Strong Brew feature, which is a major turning point for the company.

Also, it has a very sleek design with fingerprint-resistant materials and you can also easily see the water level from the front.

K-Select has 52 oz. water reservoir and has four brew sizes; 6oz., 8oz., 10oz., & 12 oz. It also has a Quiet Brew Technology to minimize the sound to the maximum extent.

It comes with 3 indicators; auto off, add water & descale and has 6 buttons; power on, obviously a strong button, and the other four are the serving sizes.

Keurig K-Elite Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Launch Date: February 2018

This machine really suits its name elite & literally, this machine is a complete package from Keurig. The company launched its over-ice feature from this model, a dedicated button for iced coffee lovers.

It also has a mini non-touchscreen display that shows important information, replaces indicators and lets you program your beverage.

It does have temperature control from 187°F to 192°F, auto on/off feature and high altitude settings, where the machine maintains the brew temperature even at the elevated places.

You can also take hot water from the machine as it has a dedicated button for it, but the water comes with some coffee residue.

This machine has a decent 75 oz. reservoir with 5 serving size options; 4oz., 6oz., 8oz., 10oz. & 12oz. And as it has a Strong Brew button, you can also make a strong coffee.

Keurig K-Café Single Serve Coffee Latte & Cappuccino Maker

Launch Date: June 2018

Keurig has brought something new but an important feature to enjoy Cappuccino and Latte with this model by giving an integrated milk frother that can froth hot and cold milk. 

There are a total of three buttons on the frother side which are for Cappuccino, Latte and Cold. This machine has a 60oz. water tank and can brew 4 cup sizes; 6oz., 8oz., 10oz. &12oz. 

Another interesting addition is the shot function, where Keurig tries to simulate an espresso shot by making a very concentrated K cup. Keurig recommends going with the shot function when you choose milk-based beverages.

If you enjoy stronger, high caffeine K Cup, check our detailed review of Strongest K-Cup Coffee.

Keurig K-Mini Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Launch Date: July 2018

As the name suggests Slim, till date, it is the slimmest machine in the Keurig family. The basic and simple design & is just for people who love low-strength one or two cups of coffee daily. 

In this machine, you’ll only find two buttons, one for power on and another for the brew, so you might be thinking about how we can choose the cup size.

See, it has a very small non-removable one-cup water tank and you have to add water each time you brew and the cup size is also between 6oz. – 12oz. depending upon the water you add.

Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Launch Date: July 2018

Both the Keurig K-Mini and K-Mini Plus were launched on the same date and there are very few differences between these two. 

This Keurig machine has 3 buttons; power on, brew button and Strong Brew and very easy to operate. The K-Mini Plus has a removable water reservoir that can brew one cup of coffee between 6oz. – 12oz. 

The first time it comes with a K-Cup pod storage which fits under the spout when not in use and can store 9-10 K cups.

And, of course, this is not a coffee maker for everyone. It has its own niche audience that prefers this kind of coffee.

Keurig K-Café Special Edition Single Serve Coffee Latte & Cappuccino Maker

Launch Date: October 2018

There isn’t any internal difference between K Cafè and K Cafè special edition except for color, finish and pricing differences.

The K Cafè has a dark charcoal color with a matte finish and the K Cafè special edition looks more premium with a nickel color and metallic finish. 

Keurig K-Duo Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker

Launch Date: August 2019

With this model, Keurig has tried something we usually do not recognize it for and has succeeded to some extent.

The name Duo represents the two coffee spouts, one for traditional Keurig K-Cups and the other for drip-style brewing, where you need to pour ground coffee into the basket with a paper filter or you can additionally purchase Keurig Gold Tone Mesh Filter.

Also, you have to place your own cup under the K Cup spout and there is a 12-cup glass carafe under the drip brewing spout placed over a hotplate that keeps your drip coffee hot for 2 hours.

It has a 60 oz. reservoir and with this, you can brew four serving sizes; 6oz., 8oz., 10oz. & 12 oz. You can also program the drip brewing in advance to brew the coffee in the next 24 hours.

K-Duo Plus Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker

Launch Date: August 2019

K Duo Plus, another Keurig coffee maker capable of brewing drip style and K Cup coffee. It isn’t a wider machine like K Duo but is handsomely designed and can do both under one spout.

It comes with an inbuilt gold tone mesh filter, which is used for drip brewing, and it is always recommended to use freshly ground coffee.

This machine has a thermal carafe that keeps your coffee hot for up to 2 hours, unlike K Duo, where there is a hot plate to warm the glass carafe for 2 hours.

No changes in the water reservoir, it also comes with a 60oz. tank and has 4 brew sizes; 6oz., 8oz., 10oz., & 12oz. Also, you can program it to brew up to 24 hours beforehand.

Keurig K-Compact Coffee Maker

Launch Date: November 2019

K Compact is a compact machine that is slimy designed and made out of hard plastic but durable material. 

It has a 36oz. water reservoir and offers you to brew 3 cup sizes; 6oz., 8oz., & 10 oz., which easily can make you 3-6 cups of coffee, but there is no customization and Strong brew features.

You can also fill your travel mugs up to 7 inches as it has a removable drip tray which you can easily remove and create more space under the spout.

K-Duo Essentials Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker

Launch Date: November 2019

The Essentials line from Keurig is made to give only essential features in an existing Keurig; basically, it’s a downgraded model of K Duo.

Unlike K Duo, it has no strong brew feature, no advanced programming, slight design changes and only 3 brew sizes; 8oz., 10oz., or 12oz.

It does have a 60oz. water reservoir, 12-cup Glass Carafe & Heating Plate and Pause & Pour option for drip brewing to add more ground coffee while brewing.

K-Slim Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Launch Date: March 2020

The Keurig K Slim is exactly the same as K Mini and K Mini Plus with added one or two features.

It comes with a 46oz. water tank, 3 brew sizes; 8oz., 10oz. & 12oz. and newly introduced MultiStream Technology, where there are five needles instead of one to brew your coffee and with this, the brewed coffee has a much stronger aroma and flavorful taste.

But having this has its own consequences, especially for large brew sizes, as water passes very fast from the K Cup, so a few users complained of weak brew and not reaching the perfect temperature for extraction.

Keurig K-Supreme Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Launch Date: August 2020

With the Supreme line, Keurig comes with some serious updates in their machines, along with its new MultiStream Technology to brew a more enhanced cup.

This machine has a 66oz. Dual Position Reservoir means you can adjust the reservoir position on either the back of the machine or the right side according to your preference or space adjustments.

It can brew you four serving sizes; 6oz., 8oz., 10oz. or 12oz. And also has a Strong brew and over-ice features.

K Supreme also reminds you to descale after 250 brews and to refill the water tank. It also brews back-to-back K cups without reheating in the middle.

K-Supreme Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker

Launch Date: August 2020

The K Supreme Plus is a complete package for families from Keurig for black coffee lovers. It has everything a modern coffee maker requires, even the strong steel build on the front.

And one of the features that I liked the most is Programmable Favorites, where you can save brewing preferences for up to three users.

In this model, you can also customize your coffee as it comes with 3 strengths and 3 temperature settings.

It has a 78oz. water reservoir and has 5 cup sizes: 4oz.,6oz.,8oz.,10oz. & 12oz. with an over-ice feature, but I feel the strong brew feature should be there. However, it has its new multi-stream technology to brew more flavorful and aromatic coffee.

K-Duo Special Edition Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker

Launch Date: May 2021

The K Duo special edition is nothing but a build material change of the Keurig K Duo. The K Duo is made of plastic and the K Duo special edition is a metallic build with a silver finish, which looks more premium.

K-Supreme Plus SMART Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Launch Date: July 2021

Everything is getting smarter these days, so Keurig launched its first smart machine with the K Supreme Plus SMART.

There are mainly three smart features;

  1. Brew ID: Some K Cups have a QR on them which has information about the ideal brew type and there is a light scanner near the needles that reads the QR and brew accordingly to extract the perfect flavors.
  2. Connected Convenience: You can connect your machine with Keurig mobile application and directly brew from there and the machine also supports Alexa control, so your coffee will be ready with just your voice.
  3. Barista Mode: Keurig mobile application guides you step by step in making coffee with the help of images.

It has a 78oz. water tank and with that, you can brew its 5-cup sizes; 4oz., 6oz., 8oz.,10oz. & 12oz. and also over ice feature is there to give you a chilled coffee in the hot summer.

You can also customize your cup with the help of 5 strength settings and 6 temperature settings. It also has a mini display but greater than what we saw in other Keurig models, where you can see all the relevant information.

K-Express Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Launch Date: September 2021

K Express, a simple but very fast coffee maker, starts to brew your coffee in around 10 seconds and auto-off after 5 minutes from the last use. 

The position of buttons and indicators are placed on the edge of the pillar, not on the top and let me tell you, it has 5 buttons, including a strong brew and 2 indicators; add water & descale.

It comes in three serving sizes; 8oz., 10oz. & 12oz., made with the help of 42oz. water reservoir and I must say this machine has isn’t much loud during its operation. 

Keurig K-Slim + ICED Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Launch Date: May 2022

This coffee maker is exactly the same as K Slim, with an additional iced coffee feature that initially brews really hot coffee to extract most of the flavors and cools down till the end to make sure less ice melting.

In place of the power button, Keurig placed a blue-colored over-ice button and it automatically turns on without a power button and auto-off after five minutes.

Like K Slim, this Keurig can brew 3 cup sizes; 8oz., 10oz. & 12oz. and has a 46oz. water reservoir, but it doesn’t have MultiStream Technology, so one needle extracts all.

K-Café SMART Single Serve Coffee Maker

Launch Date: September 2022

This K Cafe Smart machine has everything and is a flagship model from Keurig. Yes, it is a smarter version of K Café that comes with other major updates, including design changes.

It comes with a 60oz. reservoir, MultiStream Technology, has 4 brew sizes; 6oz., 8oz., 10oz. & 12oz. and also has a shot function where you can brew 2oz. & 4 oz. coffee shots.

Not only black coffee, but it can also brew iced coffee with its over-ice feature and also has a nice milk frother that can give you hot and cold froth for Cappuccino and Latte.

With this machine, you can completely customize your drink as it has 5 strength settings, 6 temperature settings from warm to max hot and lets you customize and save up to 10 drinks.

It has a black and white touchscreen display, which shows you every command you give to the machine and also indicates necessary ones like descale.

As this is a Smart machine, it is fully loaded with Keurig Smart features;

  • BrewID
  • WiFi & App Compatible
  • Barista Mode
  • Café Creations

K-Supreme SMART Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Launch Date: September 2022

K Supreme Smart is a smarter version of K Supreme with customization capabilities as it has 5 strength settings and 6 temperature settings.

It has the same 66oz. dual position water reservoir with four brew sizes; 6oz., 8oz., 10oz. & 12oz. but it doesn’t have an over-ice and strong brew feature.

And like the other Keurig Smart machines, it has the same Smart features: BrewID, Connected Convenience & Barista Mode, and a nice mini display.

K-Iced Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Launch Date: January 2023

A most recent Keurig model with an advanced Over Ice feature. The difference is that all other Keurigs with an over-ice feature only brew 6oz., but this coffee maker allows you to choose among the given serving size.

Its buttons are on the edge of the pillar, the same as K Express with a 46oz. water tank that can brew 3 Cups Sizes: 8oz.,10oz. & 12oz., with a strong brew feature but does work with only hot coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the FAQs, that we repeatedly faced while researching this content, so I thought I must need to answer these queries.

How many models does Keurig have?

As far as we have researched, Keurig launched more than 90 machines under different series and lines for home and commercial purposes and right now Keurig is only continuing 27 machines.

What is the difference between the different Keurigs?

See, as we move towards new dates, we’ll see new technologies and new elegant designs and the same goes with Keurig.

In different Keurig machines, you’ll see changes in technology, design and build quality and the major one you see is feature differences.

Keurig launched so many models with slight feature differences like some models have a strong brew button and some have an over ice feature – a little difference and a new machine is ready to launch.

What is the easiest Keurig to use?

Till date, K-Mini is the easiest single-serve coffee maker from Keurig. It comes with only 2 buttons; power on and brew.
Power on the machine, add water each time before brewing, add your favorite K cup, lock the lever and press the brew button and your coffee will be ready within minutes, very simple.

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