Philips 2200 vs 3200: Choose The Best Suited For You

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Philips 2200 vs 3200

Here is our in-depth comparison of two affordable super-automatic coffee machine series – the Philips 2200 vs 3200.

I’m a very passionate coffee enthusiast who personally took users’ feedback and used & researched what sets these seemingly similar Philips machines apart.

The Philips 2200 is for those who love to drink their coffee mainly black and the Philips 3200 is better for those who want to drink some milk-based coffees.

While both Philips series provide excellent beverages as having the same brew unit, the best product for you will depend on your individual needs.

Let’s get started with the review!

Philips 2200 vs 3200 – At A Glance

In this comparison between Philips 2200 vs 3200, we found that Philips 3200 series, especially the LatteGo version, is the more value-for-money product.

But I’m not saying that the Philips 2200 is overpriced; In this model, you don’t have much customization available, so I feel, It would make more sense to go with the Philips 2200 Steam Wand version.

However, this is a quick overview and a more detailed comparison awaits you below. Read the complete article and I am sure you will be confident in taking a decision.

Before Getting Into The Comparison…

Before getting into the comparison, you must need to know that we are going to compare every sub-model of the Philips 2200 and 3200 series.

There are a total of 5 models that we are comparing in this article as Philips 2200 has two models; LatteGo & Steam Wand and Philips 3200 has three models; LatteGo, Steam Wand & Iced Coffee.

LatteGo system automatically froths milk for you; Milk Frother, as the name suggests, has a Panarello-style steam wand where you need to froth milk for yourself manually.

And finally, the Iced coffee model, where the machine has an additional Iced Coffee drink feature with the LatteGo system.

Now you have an overview of every model, so let’s get into the detailed comparison and understand the differences.

Philips 2200 vs 3200: Detailed Comparison

See, there isn’t much difference between Philips 2200 and 3200, so we will cover everything in detail so that you know every factor before finalizing one.


Philips 2200 Brewing

The Philips 2200 series offered a total number of five drinks, so first let’s look at what they are offering before comparing.

DrinksPhilips 2200 LatteGoPhilips 2200 Milk Frother
Hot Water

The Philips 3200 series comes with eight drink options and not all models have all drinks; all have a combination of six each.

DrinksPhilips 3200 LatteGoPhilips 3200 Milk FrotherPhilips 3200 Iced Coffee
Hot Water
Iced Coffee
Espresso Lungo
Latte Macchiato

Now, first talk about the common ones, each model either 2200 series or 3200 series, each has three drinks standard which are Espresso, Coffee and Hot Water.

Also, you can program a few beverages in each model by selecting either one cup or two cups of coffee. So, let’s see this too.

In Philips 2200 series, you can either choose 1x or 2x with Espresso and Coffee only. 

In the 3200 series, you can also program Espresso and Coffee in all models.

But apart from the common ones, you can do it with Americano in the LatteGo model, Americano and Espresso Lungo in Milk Frother model, and Iced Coffee in the iced coffee model.

Winner: Philips 3200

Milk Programming

The My Coffee Choice section of both series is made for customizing the drinks according to your preferences.

The first one, where there is a bean icon, is for customizing the intensity of coffee in three levels; if you choose the highest, the grinder will grind more coffee and vice-versa.

The second one is for customizing the volume of the coffee; the higher the volume you choose, the machine will brew & release water for a longer time.

The third one is for customizing the volume of milk foam, so if you love having Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino with more or significantly less milk foam, you can customize it accordingly.

Now, here the differentiating factor between both series and models is this Milk Froth Customization, as it is available only in the LatteGo version of the Philips 3200 series.

I heard & read the reviews of a large number of milk-based coffee drinkers of Philips 2200 LatteGo that they aren’t happy with the automatic LatteGo system as they can’t program the milk froth.

So, I highly suggest going with Philips 3200 LatteGo, if you consume your milk-based coffee beverages a lot as per your milk froth customization.

Winner: Philips 3200 LatteGo

Display & Controls

The main difference is that the Philips 3200 has a comparatively larger touchscreen display than the Philips 2200 series. 

The Power and Pause/Start buttons are also located a little closer to the center in 2200 than the Philips 3200 because of the narrower screen.

However, both machines are controlled in the same way, but the Philips 3200 has more buttons because it has more features than the Philips 2200, and with features, there are bound to be more buttons.

Philips 3200 comes with eleven buttons and three indicators with LED backlit, while Philips 2200 also has three indicators and LED backlit, but it does come only with eight buttons.

Winner: Philips 3200

Design & Build

I don’t own Philips 2200, this is my friend’s machine
Philips 3200 LatteGo

All the Philips automatic coffee machine series, whether it is 2200, 3200, 4300 or 5400, Philips designed all on the same chassis and even the same plastic casing. 

So, no debate on the build quality – both machines have a solid build from inside & outside and are very durable.

But there is a difference in the finishing of the machine series, as Philips 3200 comes in a Glossy Finish and Phiips 2200 has Matte Finish. However, all come in black color & in my opinion, a glossy finish will look more premium in your kitchen.

Another difference I notice is that there is no chrome finish on the drip tray in the Philips 2200 models; in the earlier models, it does come with a chrome grill, but in newer models, it doesn’t have this.

Also, the LatteGo models of both series are heavier by 0.5kg than the Panarello-Style steam wand models, as LatteGo weighs 8 kg and Steam Wand is 7.5 kg in weight.

However, the chrome and weight differences should not influence your buying decision as not giving chrome is just a price cut to maintain affordability and no one moves machines every day here and there, so either it is 8 kg or 7.5 kg, who cares.

Winner: Philips 3200

Common Special Features

Now, If you have read this article from the beginning till here, you must have learned that these two have little difference.

That is why I am mentioning some common things present in both the machines so that you can combine them with and choose the suitable machine based on what differences you want.

FeaturesPhilips 2200 seriesPhilips 3200 series
Adjustable spout height85-145 mm85-145 mm
LatteGo carafe capacity0.26L0.26L
Water tank capacity1.8L1.8L
Coffee bean capacity275g275g
Pump pressure15 BAR15 BAR
Aroma Strength Settings3 Levels3 Levels
Grinder Settings12 Steps12 Steps
Temperature settings3 Levels3 Levels
AquaClean FilterYesYes
Aroma Seal ProtectionYesYes
Bypass ChuteYesYes
Aroma Extract systemYesYes
Used Ground Container Capacityup to 12 servingsup to 12 servings

We have also compared some of the other Philips lineups, check our detailed comparison of Philips 3200 vs 4300 and Philips 4300 vs 5400.

Philips 2200 – Quick Rundown

Philips 2200 Specifications:

  • Super-automatic Coffee Machine
  • Mini Touch Screen Display
  • 4 Coffee Options
  • 15 BAR Pump Pressure
  • Up to 5,000 Cups Without Descaling
  • 12 Grinder Settings
  • Pre-ground Bypass chute


It has the same milk system as the other more expensive Philips lineup.

Affordable machine

simple to clean and maintain


Slightly less froth temperature

Philips 3200 – Quick Rundown

Philips 3200 Specifications:

  • Super-automatic Coffee Machine
  • Touch Screen Display
  • 5 – 8 coffee Options
  • Up to 5,000 Cups Without Descaling
  • Milk Froth Customization
  • 12 Grinder Settings
  • Pre-ground Bypass chute


Great-tasting beverages especially espresso

Smooth milk froth

More customization options


can’t make double shots of the milk-based drinks

Philips 2200 vs 3200: The Winner

The overall winner of the comparison battle between Philips 2200 vs 3200 is the Philips 3200 series as it has more features and drinks options.

Although the Philips 2200 is also a great product and having the same brewing unit in both series makes fantastic common drinks.

So, if you regularly consume coffee, espresso, and sometimes cappuccino where you don’t do milk froth customization, which is one-third of a cappuccino. In that case, the 2200 LatteGo is the best option for you.

And if you love having other drinks, including the 2200 series, and want to customize your milk froth for Latte Macchiato & Cappuccino, then you should unthinkingly go for Philips 3200 LatteGo.

Also, if you want an iced coffee option which many people like in the summer season, then you have only one option left, which is Philips 3200 LatteGo Iced Coffee.

Lastly, if you’re confused between the steam wand models of the two machines, it’s easier to choose between them as both machines have the same Panarello-style wand, so if you want to drink espresso lungo, then you should go with 3200; otherwise, 2200 is very good.

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