Nespresso Caffeine Content: All 93 Pods Checked

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Nespresso Caffeine Content

Wondering what is Nespresso Caffeine Content? Here we have taken 93 Nespresso pods and mentioned their caffeine amount.

According to USFDA and EFSA, a healthy adult shouldn’t consume caffeine more than 400mg a day and if you are suffering from any disease or pregnant then this number further comes down.

Therefore, I feel that there are many Nespresso coffee lovers including me who consume way too much coffee in a day, educating those people about caffeine intake is one of the best ways to ensure their long healthy life.

How Much Caffeine In Nespresso Pods – Quick Answer

As we all know nespresso has two lineups – Vertuoline and Originalline. Each line has its own brewing technology with different machines and pods.

If I compare the caffeine content, Vertuoline has a higher caffeine concentration than Originalline. 

But if I talk about which single pod has the highest caffeine then it is Orinalline’s PALERMO KAZAAR which has 113mg of caffeine.

Also, the Vertuoline has a higher number of pods which is 48 compared to the Original’s 45. So, let’s look at the caffeine content of each series every pod one by one.

How We Find Nespresso Caffeine Content

Nespresso actually doesn’t reveal their pods’ caffeine amount in maximum operating countries. 

But we found that Taiwan is the only country where Nespresso mentions the caffeine content and the data we wrote is mainly taken from Nespresso Taiwan.

Now, a question definitely arises, Can the whole world trust the caffeine content stated on Nespresso’s Taiwan website, or is it only for Taiwan?

Yes, the caffeine content is applicable to every country because Nespresso doesn’t have any manufacturing line in Taiwan, all the pods are made in Switzerland by Nestlé Nespresso S.A and supplied all over the world.

So, whether the pod is sold in the USA, UK, Canada, Taiwan or wherever Nespresso is available, all the varieties of pods are the same and so is their caffeine content.

But one thing I definitely would like to mention is that caffeine numbers may sometimes slightly go up and down because coffee is a live product & different batches and brewing techniques can change it – hence all the numbers are very close to accuracy.

Nespresso Vertuoline Pods Caffeine Content

Nespresso vertuoline pods are very interesting as it has a barcode under the rim which vertuo machines read and identify and will automatically brew the beverage size.

Vertuo pods are dome-shaped that come in four sizes and six cup sizes, which are Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug, Alto & Carafe.

POUR-OVER STYLE MILD Pod which comes under Carafe cup size has the highest amount of caffeine which is 257mg/535 ml.

But in terms of highest per ml caffeine then IL CAFFÈ which comes under espresso cup size has the highest caffeine which is 152mg/40ml.

Decaffeinato is the lowest in caffeine amount, obviously because they are decaffeinated pods.

However, we have mentioned the caffeine amount of every nespresso vertuo pod below, so that you can finalize and make a combination of pods that you’ll consume throughout the day.

Single Espresso – 1.35oz (40ml)

Single espresso pods are smaller in size and have less coffee quantity but their caffeine quantity is high.

Vertuo PodsCaffeineIntensityNotesCapsule Weight
IL CAFFÈ152mg/40ml11Woody, Cereal & Cocoa7g
DIAVOLITTO144mg/40ml11Intense, Roasted, Oak Wood & Spicy7g
ALTISSIO108mg/40ml9Intense, Cocoa, Roasted & Ceral7g
ALTISSIO DECAFFEINATO4g/40ml9Cocoa, Roasted & Ceral7g
ORAFIO110mg/40ml6Caramel, Cereal &  Spicy6.2g
TOCCANTO84mg/40ml5Fruity Winey6.2g
VOLTESSO64mg/40ml4Mild & Biscuity5.2g

Double Espresso – 2.70oz (80ml)

Vertuo PodsCaffeineIntensityNotesCapsule Weight
DOUBLE ESPRESSO DOLCE133mg/80ml5Cereal9.5g
DOUBLE ESPRESSO SCURO150mg/80ml11Cocoa & Smoky Notes10g
DOUBLE ESPRESSO CHIARO135mg/80ml8Woody & Earthy10g

Gran Lungo – 5.07oz (150ml)

Vertuo PodsCaffeineIntensityNotesCapsule Weight
INIZIO120mg/150ml4Flowery & Cereal10g
FORTADO195mg/150ml8Cocoa & Oak Wood10g
FORTADO DECAFFEINATO7mg/150ml8Woody, Cocoa & Oak Wood10g

Coffee – 7.77oz (230ml)

Vertuo PodsCaffeineIntensityNotesCapsule Weight
INTENSO195mg/230ml9Roasted & Chocolatey12.5g
STORMIO170mg/230ml8Intense, Cereal, Woody & Spicy12.5g
ODACIO170mg/230ml7Intense, Cereal & Fruity Winey12.5g
MELOZIO170mg/230ml6Mild & Biscuity12.5g
MELOZIO DECAFFEINATO11mg/230ml6Cereal & Biscuity12.5g
SOLELIO133mg/230ml2Mild, Cereal, Fruity & Fruity Winey 12.5g
HALF CAFFEINATO83mg/230ml5Mild & Biscuity12.5g

XL Coffees – 12oz (355ml) & 18oz (535 ml)

Vertuo PodsCaffeineIntensityNotesCapsule Weight
COLD BREW STYLE INTENSEPer serving of Caffeine is 114mg. Each extraction has 2 serving for a total of 355mlCaramel17.1g
ALTO AMBRATO170mg/355ml4Cereal & Caramel17.1g
ALTO ONICE190mg/355ml7Roasted & Woody17.1g
POUR-OVER STYLE MILD257mg/535 mlCereal & Malty17.1g
POUR-OVER STYLE230mg/535mlRoasted & Smoky notes17.1g


Vertuo PodsCaffeineIntensityNotesExtra Benefits
VIVIDA~ 50-170 mg per cupCereal & BiscuityWith B12
MELOZIO BOOST200 mg of caffeine6Nutty & BalancedMore Caffeine
STORMIO BOOST200 mg of caffeine8Woody & EarthyMore Caffeine

Master Crafted Single Origins 

As the name has single origins, so master crafted nespresso pods come from a specific location (single origin) from the pod name countries. 

Vertuo PodsSizeCaffeineIntensityNotes
EL SALVADORCoffee (230ml)140mg5Biscuity
PERU ORGANICEspresso (40ml)~ 50-100 mg per cup6Fruity
COSTA RICAGran Lungo (150ml)140mg7Cereal
MEXICOCoffee (230ml)190mg7Roasted, Woody & Spicy
ETHIOPIAGran Lungo (150ml)119mg4Flowery
COLOMBIACoffee (230ml)165mg5Fruity Winey

Reviving Origins

Reviving Origins is actually a good initiative by Nespresso where they support farmers of places where there is diminishing coffee yield by reestablishing the region.

Vertuo PodsSizeCaffeineIntensityNotes
KAHAWA YA CONGOCoffee (230ml)~ 170-200 mg6Fruity

Barista Creations

Nespresso not only thought about black coffee lovers, but they have also thought very well for milk-based coffee lovers because Barista Creations pods are specially made to consume with milk.

Vertuo PodsSizeCaffeineNotesWeight
JUICY WATERMELON FLAVOUR OVER ICEDouble Espresso (80ml)120mgWatermelon10g
TROPICAL COCONUT FLAVOUR OVER ICECoffee (230ml)160mgCoconut & Hint of Vanilla12.5g
ROASTED HAZELNUTCoffee (230ml)170mgHazelnut12.5g
WHISKEY ESSENCEDouble Espresso (80ml)~ 50-100 mg per cupNutty & Balanced
SWEET VANILLACoffee (230ml)166mgVanilla12.5g
GOLDEN CARAMELCoffee (230ml)159mgCaramel12.5g
RICH CHOCOLATECoffee (230ml)160mgCocoa12.5g
BIANCO PICCOLOEspresso (40ml)75mgCARAMEL & Biscuity6.2g
BIANCO DOPPIODouble Espresso (80ml)105mgCereal, CARAMEL & Biscuity10.2g
BIANCO FORTECoffee (230ml)160mgBalanced & Intense12.5g
ICE FORTECoffee (230ml)161mgRoasted & Woody12.5g
ICE LEGGERODouble Espresso (80ml)120mgCereal10g

Nespresso Originalline Pods Caffeine Content

Nespresso originalline pods come in one size that can brew three cup sizes which are Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo.

Originallline brews much more authentic espresso and is mostly preferred by milk-based coffee drinkers, also keep in mind that diluting coffee with milk doesn’t change the caffeine amount.

Now, here we are going to look at 45 original pods and almost all pods lie between 60-110 mg of caffeine content and most common is between 60-65 mg. 

So, let’s look at the exact caffeine content of each one by one.

Barista Creations

As I already mentioned that Barista Creations pods are designed to be drunk with milk, not only this, some of them come with special flavor notes that perfectly align with milk and boost your coffee taste.

Original PodsSizeCaffeineNotesWeight
COCONUT FLAVOUR OVER ICEEspresso (40ml)63mgCaramel & Toasted Cereal 5.3g
FILTER STYLE INTENSEGran Lungo (150ml)60mgRoasted & Smoky Notes4.8g
FILTER STYLE MILDGran Lungo (150ml)60mgFruity & Malted Cereal4.8g
VANIGLIALungo (110ml)62mgFlavored Vanilla5.0g
CARAMELLOLungo (110ml)62mgFlavored Caramel5.0g
CIOCCOLATINOLungo (110ml)62mgFlavored Cocoa5.0g
NOCCIOLALungo (110ml)62mgFlavored, Biscuity & Hazelnut5.0g
FREDDO INTENSOEspresso (40ml)56mgRoasted & Chocolaty4.8g
FREDDO DELICATOEspresso (40ml)72mgFruity4.8g
CORTOEspresso (40ml)103mgRoasted, Intense & Spicy5.8g
SCUROEspresso (40ml)73mgRoasted & Balanced5.5g
CHIARORistretto (25ml)49mg/40mlBalanced, Caramel & Biscuity4.8g

Ispirazione Italiana

Ispirazione Italiana which means Italian inspiration, Nespresso launched this range to deliver you traditional authentic Italian taste.

Original PodsSizeCaffeineIntensityNotesWeight
NAPOLIRistretto (25ml)109mg13Intense & Roasted5.7g
VENEZIARistretto (25ml)77mg8Nutty & Balanced5.6g
PALERMO KAZAARRistretto (25ml)113mg12Woody6g
RISTRETTO ITALIANORistretto (25ml)75mg10Roasted & Fruity Winey5.7g
RISTRETTO DECAFFEINATORistretto (25ml)2mg10Roasted & Fruity Winey5.7g
FIRENZE ARPEGGIORistretto (25ml)63mg9Intense, Cocoa & Roasted5.3g
FIRENZE ARPEGGIO DECAFFEINATORistretto (25ml)2mg9Roasted & Cocoa5.5g
ROMARistretto (25ml)63mg8Woody & Cereal4.8g
GENOVA LIVANTOEspresso (40ml)64mg6Caramel, Balanced & Cereal5.3g

World Explorations

Nespresso World Explorations pods are influenced by some of the famous coffee cultures around the globe. 

Original PodsSizeCaffeineIntensityNotesWeight
RIO DE JANEIRO Espresso (40ml)77mg9Spicy5.5g
ISTANBULEspresso (40ml)85mg8Fruity5.6g
PARISEspresso (40ml)75mg6Citrus, Cereal & Biscuity5.6g
MIAMIEspresso (40ml)85mg9Nutty & Balanced
CAPE TOWN ENVIVOLungo (110ml)110mg10Woody5.5g
STOCKHOLMLungo (110ml)80mg8Malty6g
TOKYO VIVALTOLungo (110ml)82mg6Flowery5.8g
VIENNALungo (110ml)75mg6Malty & Cereal5.5g
SHANGHAILungo (110ml)82mg5Fruity Winey5.6g
BUENOS AIRESLungo (110ml)104mg4Cereal5.6g

Espresso – 1.35oz (40ml)

Original PodsCaffeineIntensityNotesWeight
CAPRICCIO64mg/40ml5Balanced, Cereal4.8g
VOLLUTO64mg/40ml4Cereal & Fruity4.9g
VOLLUTO DECAFFEINATO1.7mg/40ml4Cereal, Fruity & Balanced4.9g
COSI60mg/40ml4Fruity & Cereal4.8g

Reviving Origins

Reviving Origins is an effort by Nespresso to revive the area where coffee productivity is going low day by day.

Original PodsSizeCaffeineIntensity
KAHAWA YA CONGOEspresso (40ml)~ 50-100mg7Cereal  & Mild Fruitiness
TAMUKA MU ZIMBABWELungo (110ml)~ 50-100mg5Floral & Herbal
ESPERANZA DE COLOMBIAEspresso (40ml)~50-100mg5Balanced & Fruity

Master Crafted Single Origins

These pods range comes under Nespresso single origin where coffee is selected from a particular place.

Original PodsSizeCaffeineIntensityNotesWeight
HONDURASEspresso (40ml)~ 50-100mg8Cereal & Cocoa
PERU ORGANICEspresso (40ml)~ 50-100mg6Fruity
INDIAEspresso (40ml)105mg11Intense, Woody & Spicy5.5g
INDONESIAEspresso (40ml)72mg8Intense, Cereal & Woody5.7g
COLOMBIAEspresso (40ml)64mg6Fruity Winey5.7g
NICARAGUAEspresso (40ml)62mg5Cereal5.7g
ETHIOPIAEspresso (40ml)62mg4Flowery & Fruity5.7g

Is There Any Relationship Between Caffeine and Intensity of Pods

If you have seen the Nespresso Pods box, then you must have seen the intensity mention over it, which ranges from 1 to 13. But most pods lies between 6-9 intensity level.

Many people confuse intensity with the intensity of caffeine but it is completely wrong, rather it is the intensity of coffee. 

In one sentence, Intensity means strength of coffee – if you choose higher numbers of intensity, you’ll get strong coffee and vice-versa. 

Intensity depends upon the type of beans (either it has Arabica beans or Robust beans), roast profile (generally darker roast gives higher strength coffee), body and country of origin. 

In fact, a lower-intensity of coffee can sometimes have the same or higher caffeine amount than the higher intensity of coffee. 

Finally, there is no correlation between caffeine and the intensity of pods, so next time when you purchase any pod on the basis of caffeine then don’t look at intensity but look at this page.

Wrapping Up

If you were with us reading every word of this article, you know we’ve covered different cup sizes, different specific locations, and famous coffee cultures from around the world.

We hope this Nespresso caffeine content guide will give you a fair idea of which Nespresso pods to choose according to the amount of caffeine you need at different times.

But it’s always better to stay within the recommended daily use limit of caffeine (Read Here).

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