Ryze Coffee vs Everyday Dose Coffee: Choosing Best Mushroom Coffee

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Thinking of trying mushroom coffee or want to try a new brand and find yourself torn between these two mushroom coffees? We’ve got you covered!

Why should you listen to us? Simple. We’re coffee lovers just like you, and we want to help you make the best coffee choice even if it is a coffee alternative.

We’ll break down what’s inside these coffees, tell you which one’s healthier, the all-important flavor profiles and much more.

So, let’s dive into the discussion of Ryze coffee vs Everyday Dose Coffee to see which one might tickle your taste buds and become your new favorite morning ritual.

Ryze Coffee vs Everyday Dose: Comprehensive Comparison

By comparing “Ryze” and “Everyday Dose” side by side, we can gain a clearer understanding of which brew aligns with our preferences and dietary needs. So, let’s get started with…


As both Ryze and Everyday Dose are mushroom coffees, definitely they have mushrooms and coffee in common, but both brands build their product with completely different types of mushrooms and other ingredients.

Ryze Coffee Ingredients: RYZE Organic Mushroom Blend (Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, King Trumpet), Organic Arabica Coffee, Organic MCT Oil, Organic Coconut Milk

Everyday Dose Coffee Ingredients: Everyday Dose Mushroom Blend (Lion’s Mane & Chaga), Proprietary Coffee Extract, Collagen Protein, L-Theanine

These are the list of ingredients mentioned on the brand websites, but we will go one step further to discuss each one and its major implications on your health.

All the mushrooms used in “Ryze Organic Mushroom Blend” and “Everyday Dose Mushroom Blend” are not ordinary, they are medicinal mushrooms that have been used for years by the Chinese and East Asians.

Cordyceps has many variants but the one that is mainly used in food & supplements is Cordyceps Militaris.

According to research, C. Militaris has an anti-fatigue effect while doing a physical performance, which means indirectly boosting your exercise performance.

Reishi mushrooms are beneficial for boosting the immune system, according to WebMD, it is also useful in the treatment of viral infections stress & life-threatening diseases and also improve your sleep.

Shiitake is consumed in many ways like in soup, salads, meat dishes and obviously medicines. Shiitake enhances your gut immunity, reduces acne as it has some amount of selenium, and lowers inflammation in your body.

Turkey Tail, like other mushrooms, also has several benefits in terms of health, like promoting your gut health (most people said it really improved their gut health) and enhancing bone health.

King Trumpet shows significant results in lowering the cholesterol level (1) (2). It also has antioxidative, antiobesity and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Lion’s Mane mushroom is a common ingredient of both Ryze and Everyday Dose coffee. According to research, Lion’s Mane mushroom is useful in the treatment of oxidative stress-related disorders. 

Chaga mushrooms are found in the northern hemisphere region and may lower lipoprotein (bad cholesterol), reduce inflammation and support the immune system.

You can see Ryze has more different types of mushrooms means more health benefits in their blend and sweeps Everyday Dose coffee in this part of the comparison.

Another ingredient is coffee, Ryze marketed it as Organic Arabica Coffee from Mexico and Everyday Dose marketed it as Low-acidity Proprietary Coffee Extract. 

Both are kind of the same thing but Everyday Dose doesn’t mention whether it is Arabica or Robusta or anything else.

Now the next two ingredients of each brand are completely different from one other, first starting with Ryze.

Organic MCT Oil, Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) is a type of fat extracted from coconut and palm oil. It may promote weight loss as it has 10% lower calories than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs) and has antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

Organic Coconut Milk, Coconut milk is rich in vitamins C and E and according to research, it has lauric acid which is an antioxidant that protects from heart attack and may boost the immune system.

Now, it’s turn for Everyday Dose.

Collagen Protein, from grass-fed Brazilian bovine. Bovine species are mainly cattle such as yak, bison, water buffalo, and cows. However, according to Healthline, Bovine collagen mainly originates from cows. 

Bovine collagen is highly beneficial for the skin and this research shows that it increases hydration, elasticity and collagen density in the skin. It also alleviates osteoarthritis & osteoporosis symptoms

L-theanine is a type of amino acid mainly found in green tea, black tea and some specific mushrooms. It may influence chemicals like serotonin and dopamine level in your body which is responsible for pleasure, feelings and overall well-being.

Now, I have discussed all the ingredients in detail to give you a better understanding, Ryze wins for the mushroom blend, it is almost a tie between the coffee ingredients. 

And for the rest two, I can’t make one a winner because it’s completely up to you and your health preferences. But if I have to choose I’ll go for Ryze as on paper it is more suitable for me.

Nutrition Value

We are going to explore the nutritional value of both “Ryze” and “Everyday Dose Coffee,” highlighting key differences that can help consumers make healthier decisions.

Ryze Coffee Nutrition
Ryze Coffee Nutrition
Everyday Dose Nutrition
Everyday Dose Nutrition

In terms of calories, Ryze consists of 15 calories per serving amount, and the serving size is 1 tbsp or 6 grams. Whereas, Everyday Dose has 23 calories per 1 tbsp or 7 grams, which is its serving size.

So, who is made up with fewer calories? After simple math, it’s Ryze coffee, if we take the same number of 6 grams in Everyday Dose, it still has 19.7 calories.

Not a huge difference, but if you are going to consume it daily for months & years and you are obese or don’t want to put on weight then prefer lesser-calorie coffee.

Also, in each serving of Ryze, i.e. 6 grams, there is 2 grams of mushroom which is one-third of the part. 

And in Everyday Dose we don’t know the exact amount but mushroom + coffee sums 2.15g out of 7 grams. So in this way the amount of mushroom is more in Ryze means more health benefits. 

Everyday Dose has a significant amount of amino acid and very few amounts of sodium in their mushroom coffee.

And lastly don’t forget that Ryze coffee is 100% vegan and Everyday Dose isn’t due to bovine collagen.


Everything depends on taste. We are discussing regular coffee alternatives, yes both brands come with several health benefits but if they will lack taste, then why not one drink Ayurvedic decoctions?

See taste differs from person to person, that’s why we have asked several of these mushroom coffee drinkers about “how it tasted & will you recommend it or not” and I included my thoughts too.

Ryze Coffee doesn’t have dominant coffee flavors, you may be thinking as it is mushroom coffee, so mushroomy flavors might be dominating, answer is no.

It’s a unique flavor, kind of nuttish and woodsy, and undertones of coffee and mushroom. It tastes a little bit watery because the main flavors don’t fully emerge although overall good.

Everyday Dose Coffee tastes earthy and most people feel it tastes bland, you can drink it by adding maple syrup, honey or creamer to avoid this. 

However, it is very easy to dissolve with water unlike Ryze coffee and doesn’t have dirt in the cup but both have one thing in common, i.e. undertones of mushroom and coffee.

Caffeine Content

If you are looking for a coffee alternative that is fully caffeine free then these two shouldn’t be your choices as both have caffeine even more than decaffeinated coffees.

Ryze coffee has 45 mg of caffeine per serving which is almost half compared to regular coffee. Everyday Dose has even less caffeine, i.e. 39 mg per serving amount (7 grams).

So, if you have experienced jitters, insomnia or negative effects on your body from caffeine even with less amount then try other options in the market. 

What We Like and Don’t Like

In this section, it’s time to get personal and share with you what we admire and what leaves us wishing for more. 

Ryze Coffee

What We Like

There aren’t any additives & sweeteners and all ingredients are organic.

Quick and easy to make, no need to roast or grind and doesn’t require any coffee maker

Almost 50% less caffeine than the regular black coffee.

What We Don’t Like

Automatically puts you on a subscription and hard to cancel it.

The exact amount of each mushroom added per serving size isn’t disclosed.

Everyday Dose Coffee

What We Like

Gives you free goodies when you subscribe to it.

Good for people seeking less caffeine as it has even less caffeine content than Ryze.

Most of the reviews are on the positive side in terms of taste.

What We Don’t Like

Very hard to last 30 servings – 30 servings advertisement doesn’t look promising.

And a common con for both Ryze and Everyday Dose mushroom coffee is that they both are pricey compared to regular coffee.

Overall Winner

“Ryze Coffee” stands out as a more healthier option, with its lower calorie count and beneficial mushroom extracts, making it a wise choice for those prioritizing their well-being.

“Everyday Dose Coffee,” on the other hand, offers a slightly more caffeine kick, and has L-theanine which isn’t found in humans that can help you feel good.

When it comes to taste, individual preferences matter a lot, and it’s worth trying both to determine your favorite flavor profile, however, there isn’t much taste difference.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what these coffees have to offer, it’s time to make your choice. Visit the official websites of “Ryze Coffee” and “Everyday Dose Coffee” to explore their product and make your purchase.

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